Elkhart’s Lusher Street Superfund Site Requires Aditional Remedial Action

Lusher StreetThe Elkhart Truth reports that the EPA has determined that about 70 properties on the city’s near-west side should be connected to city water because of groundwater contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency is also suggesting 200 homes inside the Lusher Superfund site need to have vapor removal systems installed to reduce dangerous vapors related to the contamination that can seep through basement walls and foundations.  The cost is estimated at $2.8 million.  You can find the story here.

EPA: $1M in Grants for Lake Michigan Water Quality

The EPA also announced $1 million in grants to fund two green infrastructure projects on Chicago’s North Side with the aim of improving water quality in Lake Michigan. The city plans to use a $812,000 grant to install bioswales and permeable pavement in a parking area at Montrose Beach on the North Side. The aim of that project is to annually filter more than four million gallons of stormwater in order to reduce the amount of stormwater contamination that currently leaches into the lake. In addition to that project, the city plans to use a $188,000 grant to install infrastructure along Leland Avenue in the Uptown area. The street runs through the north side neighborhood to the lakefront. The aim of the endeavor is to prevent almost 900,000 gallons of untreated stormwater from entering the city’s sewer system each year and prevent basement flooding in area structures. The Chicago Tribune has the story here.

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